Article 1. Definitions

The following definitions apply in these terms and conditions: General Terms and Conditions: the present Terms and Conditions of LightsZ this is a trade name of the company: Lightdesigns
Cooling-off period: the period within which you can use your right of withdrawal; Day: calendar day;
Sustainable data carrier: any means that enables you or Lamp Purchase to store information that is addressed to you personally in a way that allows future consultation and unaltered reproduction of the stored information.
Right of withdrawal: the option for you to cancel the contract within the cooling-off period;
Purchase a lamp: the legal person who offers products and / or services at a distance;
Distance agreement: an agreement whereby, in the context of a system for distance selling of products and / or services organized by LightsZ, until the conclusion of the agreement use is made exclusively of one or more techniques for distance communication;
Technology for distance communication: means that can be used for concluding an agreement, without you and Lamp Buying coming together in the same room.

Article 2. Details of LightsZ

Veemarkt 169
1019 CG Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Telephone number: 0651267473
Email address:

Chamber of Commerce number: 68154178
VAT identification number: NL169814294B04

Article 3. Applicability

These general terms and conditions apply to every offer from LightsZ and to every agreement / orders concluded between you and LightsZ
2. These terms and conditions form part of the (purchase) agreement concluded by the parties.
3. If at any time one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions are wholly or partially invalid or become null and void, then the agreement and these terms and conditions will otherwise remain in force and the relevant provision will be immediately replaced by an agreement between the parties. provision that approximates the scope of the original as much as possible.
4. Situations that are not regulated in these terms and conditions must be assessed “in the spirit” of these terms and conditions.
5. Uncertainties about the interpretation or content of one or more provisions of our terms and conditions must be explained “in the spirit” of these terms and conditions.

Article 4. The offer

If an offer has a limited validity or takes place under specific conditions, this will be explicitly stated in the offer.
2. The offer is without obligation. LightsZ is entitled to change and adjust the offer.
3. The offer contains a complete and accurate description of the products and / or services offered. The description is sufficiently detailed to enable a proper assessment of the offer by you. Obvious mistakes or errors in the offer do not bind LightsZ.
4. All images, specifications, data in the offer are indicative only. No damages or termination of the agreement can be claimed based on these images.
5. LightsZ cannot guarantee that the colors shown in the images exactly match the real colors of the products.
6. All agreements between LightsZ and the client must be recorded in writing or electronically. Client is entitled to a copy of a written agreement. The absence of written or electronic recording of an agreement between LightsZ and the client does not render this agreement null and void.
7. In the event that a written or electronically recorded agreement is missing, LightsZ may also use any information carrier from its (electronic) records related to this agreement to prove the existence and content of the agreement, without prejudice to the client’s right to prove otherwise. to deliver.

Article 5. The agreement

The agreement is established through offer and acceptance.
2. LightsZ reserves the right, without giving reasons, to refuse orders or to attach further conditions to the delivery, unless explicitly offered products and / or services are not increased, subject to price changes due to changes in VAT rates.
3. All prices are subject to printing and typing errors. No liability is accepted for the consequences of printing and typesetting errors. LightsZ is not obliged to deliver the product at the wrong price for printing and typing errors.
4. If the price is a purchase price, any additional costs related to the item sold, for example due to assembly, testing, roadworthiness, delivery and shipping, are not included in the price, unless expressly agreed otherwise. Lamp Purchase will state such additional costs, if applicable, in its offer or quotation.

Article 6. Right of withdrawal

When purchasing products, you may terminate the agreement for 14 days without giving any reason. This reflection period starts on the day following receipt of the product by you or a representative designated by you and announced to LightsZ.
2. During the cooling-off period you must handle the product and the packaging with care. The product may only be unpacked or used to the extent necessary to assess whether you want to keep the product. If you make use of the right of withdrawal, you must return the product with all accessories supplied and – if reasonably possible – in its original condition and packaging to LightsZ, in accordance with the possible return instructions to be specified.
3. If you wish to make use of the right of withdrawal, you are required to make this known within 14 days of receiving the product. This must be done by means of an e-mail and the mention of the order number. After you have indicated that you wish to make use of your right of withdrawal, you must return the product within 14 days.
4. If at the end of the periods referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 you have not indicated that you wish to make use of the right of withdrawal or have not returned the product to LightsZ, the purchase is a fact.
5. LightsZ reserves the right to charge you a fee if you have used the product during the withdrawal period.
6. The above 14-day period is not a trial period. This period allows you to think about your purchase for 14 days.

Article 7. Costs in case of withdrawal

LightsZ reserves the right to charge you the costs of the return shipment.
2. LightsZ will pay the return amount within 14 days at the latest, provided that the product has actually been returned by LightsZ.
Retention of title
LightsZ excludes the right of withdrawal for the following products.
a. Products created by LightsZ in accordance with your specifications (customization);
b. that are clearly personal in nature;
c. that cannot be returned due to their nature;
d. that can spoil or age quickly;
e. whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market over which LightsZ has no influence;
f. for audio and video recordings and computer software of which you have broken the seal;
g. for hygienic products of which you have broken the seal.

Article 9. The price

All prices are in Euros and include VAT, excluding shipping costs.
2. During the validity period stated in the offer, the prices of the products and / or services offered are not increased, except for price changes as a result of changes in VAT rates.
3. All prices are subject to printing and typing errors. No liability is accepted for the consequences of printing and typesetting errors. LightsZ is not obliged to deliver the product at the wrong price for printing and typing errors.
4. If the price is a purchase price, any additional costs related to the item sold, for example due to assembly, testing, roadworthiness, delivery and shipping, are not included in the price, unless expressly agreed otherwise. Lamp Purchase will state such additional costs, if applicable, in its offer or quotation.

Article 10. Conformity and warranty

LightsZ guarantees that the products and / or services comply with the agreement, the specifications stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of reliability and / or usability and the statutory provisions and / or existing on the date of the conclusion of the agreement. or government regulations. If agreed, LightsZ guarantees that the product is suitable for other than normal use.
2. Any defects or incorrectly delivered products must be reported to LightsZ in writing within 14 days after delivery. Return of the products must be in the original packaging and in new condition. LightsZ reserves the right to replace the item with a new one or Lamp Purchase may return the amount paid. LightsZ is responsible for the costs of the (return) shipment.
3. The warranty period of LightsZ corresponds to the factory warranty period. However, LightsZ is not responsible for the ultimate suitability of the products for each individual application, nor for any advice regarding the use or application of the products.
4. The warranty does not apply if:
a. You have repaired and / or modified the delivered products yourself or had them repaired and / or modified by third parties;
b. The delivered products have been exposed to abnormal circumstances or are otherwise carelessly treated or are in conflict with the instructions of LightsZ and / or on the packaging, have been treated;
5. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear to objects, in particular those to lamps, lighting, light and fixtures, for example. For this type of product a 1-year warranty applies to production and material defects.
6. LightsZ is not liable for consequential damage as a result of a malfunctioning product, improper or incorrect use thereof.

Article 11. Delivery, execution, invoicing

If you discover transport damage, you are obliged to report this to LightsZ as quickly as possible, but no later than within 14 days, stating the package number of the transport company. The delivery times (stated on the website) are indicative. Exceeding the delivery time does not entitle you to compensation or the right to cancel your order.
2. The average delivery time of products is from 2 to 4 business days. Only when clearly stated do certain products have a delivery time of 48 hours.
3. LightsZ reserves the right to outsource work to third parties.
4. LightsZ only invoices digitally. You will receive an invoice by e-mail.
5. Free shipping costs above € 75 do not apply to the purchase of vehicles.

Article 12. Retention of title

Ownership of the products supplied will only be transferred once the amount due has been paid in full. The risk passes to you at the time of delivery.

Article 13. Payment

Payment must be made in one of the following ways:
a. Pin (counter sale)
b. Bank transfer
c. Sissow Ideal payment system
2. Payment for a light project must be made as follows: based on the agreement between the client and LightsZ. At the start of the renovation, a deposit of 50% must be made on the basis of the amount fully agreed before the start. Sometime halfway through the renovation at a time to be determined by LightsZ a payment must be made of 100% based on the amount fully agreed before the start.
3. With regard to the information written in the previous paragraph 2. any additional costs that, based on complications found during the renovation, have not been included in the aforementioned fully agreed amount before the start. These costs must therefore be paid by the client at the end of the renovation upon delivery of the lamp, unless Lamp Purchase indicates that it is necessary during the renovation that these costs must be paid because otherwise the renovation cannot be continued.
4. In the event of total or partial failure to comply with a payment obligation, the client will immediately be in default towards LightsZ, without a notice of default or other formality being required. In that case, the client owes the applicable statutory interest, to be calculated from the date on which the client is in default.
5. LightsZ will provide a private client with a written reminder to give a one-time opportunity to make full payment of the amount due, within fourteen days of sending this reminder, without having to pay for it or other additional associated costs.
6.All costs, both legal and extrajudicial, that LightsZ must incur if the client does not or does not fully comply with its existing obligation are at the expense of the client, without prejudice to the legal limits that apply to passing on costs to the private client .

Article 14. Complaints

LightsZ has a complaints procedure and handles the complaint in accordance with this complaints procedure.
2. Complaints about the implementation of the agreement must be submitted fully and clearly described within 7 days, after you have found the defects.
3. Complaints will be answered within a period of 14 days from the date of receipt. If a complaint requires a foreseeable longer processing time, LightsZ will respond within the period of 14 days with a message of receipt and an indication when you can expect a more detailed answer.
4. If a complaint is found to be justified by LightsZ, LightsZ will replace or repair the delivered products free of charge.

Article 15. Force majeure

LightsZ does not have to fulfill an obligation to the client if it is unable or not fully able to do so as a result of a circumstance that cannot be blamed on it and which is not also required by law, legal act or generally accepted beliefs for its account.
2. In these general terms and conditions, force majeure is understood to mean, in addition to what is understood by law and jurisprudence, all external causes, foreseen and not foreseen, on which LightsZ cannot influence, but as a result of which LightsZ is unable to obligations. LightsZ also has the right to invoke force majeure if the circumstance that prevents (further) fulfillment of the agreement occurs after LightsZ should have fulfilled its obligation.
3. LightsZ can suspend compliance with its obligations under the agreement during the period in which the force majeure continues. If this period lasts longer than two months, both LightsZ and the client are entitled to terminate the agreement, without the party that dissolves being obliged to compensate the other party for damage.
4. Insofar as LightsZ has at the time of the occurrence of force majeure already partially fulfilled its obligations under the agreement and will be able to partly fulfill it and the relevant part of the performance of LightsZ has independent value, LightsZ is entitled to perform that part separately ( and) to invoice the client. The Client is obliged to pay the amount of this invoice as if it were a separate agreement.

Article 16. Disputes

Agreements between LightsZ and the associated general terms and conditions are subject exclusively to Dutch law, even if you live abroad.

Article 17. Custom made lamps

LightsZ does not guarantee custom remodeled projects. When building a custom project, LightsZ takes great care, but because it is a one-off product, technical and functional problems may arise that were not anticipated in advance. Lamp Kopen is not liable for solving these unforeseen problems.
2. LightsZ does not give a guarantee on used used parts or materials, without prejudice to any guarantee still given by the manufacturer or importer and without prejudice to the legal rights that a private client has in the event of the purchase of a movable item.
3. Unless otherwise agreed, LightsZ does not guarantee parts and materials that it sells on consignment, regardless of whether it concerns new or used items.
4.LightsZ only guarantees proper performance of the work assigned to it within the Netherlands and for a period of 1 month, counting from the day of delivery. Contrary to the previous sentence, a 2-month warranty applies to the spraying of lamps, counting from the day of delivery. LightsZ is authorized to include additional or different warranty conditions in a separate document.
5. The guarantee provided by LightsZ, as referred to in paragraph 3, does not apply if the item on which LightsZ has carried out work is damaged in whole or in part as a result of non-normal use. This guarantee does not apply either if the client has not had repair or other work carried out on the item in question by third parties without the prior permission of LightsZ and has not performed it himself. The client is also not entitled to the intended warranty if he does not give LightsZ the opportunity to remedy the defect found.
6. Client is obliged to inspect the item sold by LightsZ to him or the item on which LightsZ has performed work on delivery, in particular, but not exclusively, for the presence of dents, scratches and / or other damage. He must in all cases immediately inform LightsZ of any defects in the performance delivered.
7.If LightsZ uses parts or materials that the Client has made available to it in the performance of its work, or that it has purchased and / or has used in the performance of the work commissioned by the Client, any defects in such work will come from parts or materials always at the expense and risk of the client.
8. Client is not entitled to a guarantee provided by LightsZ if LightsZ has had spraying work carried out on a (part of a) project or if it has provided that (part of a) project with a wrapping and the paint or wrapping has color difference that cannot be seen with the naked eye in daylight.
9.LightsZ does not provide any guarantee for emergency repairs or other work carried out on behalf of the client that it has provisionally performed in his / her assignment.
10. LightsZ cannot be held financially liable for goods and / or parts that the client deposits on the item before, during or after the renovation of his / her lamp (s) and does not come to collect it within 2 weeks after the project has been completed. This is due to the unnecessary stacking of goods and / or parts. If the client does not come to collect the goods / parts within the specified 2 weeks, LightsZ is entitled to throw away the goods / parts.

Article 18. Privacy

LightsZ treats your data confidentially.
2. They are not made available to a third party, unless this is necessary to execute your order, on the basis of a legal provision, an emergency, or insofar as this is necessary for an urgent reason and in the opinion of LightsZ.
3. LightsZ uses so-called cookies. These are small files that we use to collect information about the use of our website. They are also files that your browser automatically saves on your electronic device. This facilitates a subsequent visit to our website and with the help of cookies only the electronic device is recognized. Cookies are therefore not used to identify people. By using cookies we are able to provide you with an even better service and anticipate the wishes of you as a customer.